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DJ SoVvoTa Remix


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Kandi Tomar Karone - Samz Vai (Hit Love Mix) DJ SoVvoTa.mp3
3.52 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Kanna By Arman Alif (Love Mix) DJ SoVvoTa.mp3
4 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Mone Daga By Munia Moon (JBL Dholki Mix) DJ SoVvoTa x DJ SP Asad.mp3
4.11 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Bodar Vainga Gese indian (Tapori DaNce Mix) - DJ SM Mehedi X DJ SoVvoTa.mp3
3.49 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Ekbar Paile ft Sahnaz Beli (DM Style Dholki Mix) DJ SoVvoTa.mp3
3.07 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Shooting Kormu Tor Loge Maiya (Dance Mix) DJ SoVvoTa.mp3
3.49 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Tor Moner Vitor Kar Chobi Aka (Hit Love Mix) Dj SoVvoTa x Dj Nahid ReMix.mp3
4.29 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Mon Chaile ft. Nasrin (Hot Dance Mix) DJ SoVvoTa.mp3
3.82 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Tor Preme Ft. Rakib Musabbir (Hard Love Mix) DJ SoVvoTa.mp3
3.32 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
Pirit Vison Jala Ft Akash Mahmud (Hit Love Mix) Dj Shuvo x DJSoVvoTa.mp3
4.74 mb | WapBD24 Exclusive
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